Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Power Washing Phoenix Pools and Pavers for Summer

The heat is on! That's right, triple digit temps are back! Time to clean off those patios, pool areas, and barbecues!

If you are like us, you may be spending a lot of time outdoors over the next few weeks - Memorial Day, Father's Day, and July 4th are all rapidly approaching! Let ACME's team of mobile pressure washers help clean up your home or business for these holidays or any other special occasions on your calendar this summer.

Whatever your backyard oasis, our experienced technicians can clean up months (or years!) of built up dirt, grime and debris using our industrial pressure washing machines (300°F @ 3500 psi). ACME Powerwash has over 15+ years experience in the high-pressure steam-cleaning of concrete, pavers, buildings, and other structures. See what a difference we can make to your driveways, patios, and pool areas!

We are available 24/7/365! Visit us online at or call us today at 602-373-1515 to schedule a cleaning or get a free estimate for our power washing services in the Phoenix area!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Paver Sealing: Recent Projects

We are always busy this time of year "spring cleaning" for our customers. Many people are heading outdoors to enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather and realize their pavers are a little dingy or faded. Our paver cleaning and sealing services are always most popular this time of year. 

We always steam-clean and powerwash paver surfaces with our industrial, hot-water machines (up to 300°F at 3,500 psi).  We also use our rotating surface cleaners to ensure the deepest, most uniformly clean surface possible.  Once free of all dirt and grime, we apply a commercial-grade industrial sealer that protects the surface from stains, spills, etc. Besides making the surface easier to clean and maintain, our sealer enhances the appearance of your hardscape by bringing out the natural colors of each paver.

Check out some of these photos from recent paver cleaning and sealing projects we have completed in the Phoenix area. We have many more photos like these and some more information about these services available at Interested in a free estimate? Call us today at 602.373.1515!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Need Help Cleaning Up?

Paver Cleaning Scottsdale, AZ by ACME POWERWASH
Need help cleaning up around the house? It doesn't rain often in Phoenix, but when it does it usually creates a big mess. Last week's rain knocked a lot of frost-killed debris off of trees. And months of built-up dust became dried mud.

Our pressure washing machines blast out hot water and steam up to 3,500 psi. We can clean up all kinds of surfaces including streets, parking lots, and around the house locations like patios, courtyards, and pool areas.

For a free estimate for our high-pressure cleaning services please call 602-373-1515.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dangerous Dust: Health Risks of Haboobs

Haboob Dust Storm by Hines Photography
Haboob Dust Storm a photo by Hines Photography on Flickr.

Are you aware of the dangers and health risks associated with Arizona's summer haboobs?

These massive dust storms carry Valley Fever spores, mold, fungus, bacteria, chemicals, and more! The dangers arise because the particles are so fine. They are so tiny that our body's natural defenses in the nose and throat can't stop them and they get inhaled and trapped in the lungs. This increases risks of both short term and long term illnesses to the respiratory system including Valley Fever, bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, allergies, etc.

Haboob by Todd_Moy, on Flickr
Stay safe. Stay healthy. Here are some precautions you can take to deal with dangerous dust from haboobs:
  1. Stay Indoors. Avoid exposure to big dust storms. Stay inside until the storm has passed and the dust settles. Children and pets are at risk too -- keep them inside!
  2. Duck & Cover. If you do get caught outside during the storm, cover your nose and mouth. Use a mask, article of clothing, or anything available to reduce the inhalation of harmful dust particles. Seek shelter as quickly as possible.
  3. Clean It Up. Wash off your driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, patios, and outdoor furniture to avoid tracking dangerous material into your home or business.
The risks are real. But don't take our word for it. Check out these additional resources regarding haboob health risks:

Haboobs' Health Dangers at Banner Health Services
Exceptional Dust Storm at the AZ Dept. of Health Services Director's Blog
Haboob may lead to lasting health problems at News 4 Tucson (
Researcher studying health risks of haboobs at Arizona Daily Star

ACME Powerwash is a mobile pressure washing company serving all of Maricopa County and the entire Phoenix, Arizona Metropolitan area. Want to clean off the exterior walls and concrete of your house or business but don't have the time? Call us for a free estimate - 602-373-1515.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School: Concrete & Paver Sealing in Tempe, AZ

Concrete & Paver Sealing in Tempe, AZ by ACME POWERWASH
As students and teachers are heading back to school, ACME Powerwash is staying busy cleaning up around campuses, apartments, and houses city wide. This photo is from a recent project we completed in Tempe at a new student housing facility near ASU. Technicians steam-cleaned and power washed several different kinds of pavers and thousands of square feet of colored concrete.

To learn about how ACME Powerwash can help clean up around your home or school, please visit us online at or call 602-373-1515 today for a free estimate!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Featured Project: 3,000 Sq Ft Paver Clean & Seal in Scottsdale, AZ

July has been a busy month for paver cleaning and sealing jobs. Today's featured project is a paver driveway, walkway, and courtyard at this beautiful home in North Scottsdale.

There are approximately 3,000 sq ft of pavers that were steam-cleaned and pressure washed to remove a variety of stains, dirt and debris. Powerwash technicians used rotating surface cleaners that are hooked up to our industrial, hot water pressure washers (up to 300°F at 3,500 psi). The spinning nozzles on the surface cleaners provide a deep clean of the pavers and prevents the streaking or "zebra striping" you may get with standard wands. The steam and high-pressure prepares the surface for sealer application by removing all dirt, grease, and grime that could prevent a proper bond between the sealer and the pavers.

The surface is allowed to dry after the cleaning process (which doesn't take long in the summer heat). The following day we returned to the home and applied a commercial-grade sealer with a gloss finish that leaves the pavers with a "wet look", enhancing the paver's natural colors. In addition to an improved appearance, the pavers are now protected against spills/stains and are much easier to maintain.  Oil spills on the driveway can be wiped up with a rag and maybe a gentle detergent like Simple Green.

ACME Powerwash offers free estimates for paver cleaning and sealing in the Phoenix Metro area. Call us today at 602-373-1515 or visit our websites for more information at and/or

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pressure Washing Prices

For pressure washing prices, call today -- 602-373-1515.
Searching for prices for mobile pressure washing services?  You might have a difficult time finding advertised pricing that will specifically match your project.  Here are seven key points to consider when looking for pressure washing prices online. 

1.      Structure. How does a power washing company charge for their services?  By the hour?  By the square foot?  Or one "lump-sum" fee for the entire job?  Ask three different companies and you might get three different answers.  A company may even use one pricing structure for one type of project and another method for a different project.  Consider requesting a "not to exceed" (NTE) amount to ensure your project stays on budget.
2.      Size matters. You have probably heard the claim "No job too big or too small!".  While that may be true, professional pressure washing companies have overhead and expenses and will likely have a minimum charge to help cover those costs.  On the other hand, larger projects may qualify for a reduced hourly rate. 
3.      Materials. Are there any special materials required to complete the job properly? And if so, are they included in the price or is there an additional charge?  Chemicals, detergents, and special tools may be necessary to complete each individual powerwash job. Some industrial cleaning solutions like rust removers can cost upwards of $50/gallon.
4.      Frequency.  A one-time driveway cleaning service will probably cost you full price.  Many companies may offer discounts for annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly service contracts because the maintained areas are less dirty and therefore easier to clean on an ongoing basis.  
5.      Complexity.  Just exactly how dirty is the project? Is the area easily accessible with access to a convenient water supply? Spraying a little dust off a patio is far less complicated than cleaning 12 inches of bird droppings from a commercial rooftop.  Gum removal is stubborn and time consuming. Some jobs have certain risks or an unpleasantness associated with them that require special skills, tools, or insurance that could result in higher pricing.
6.      Payment Terms. Larger power washing companies may offer discounts for invoices paid within a certain timeframe from job completion. For example, some commercial customers may be able to negotiate payment terms of "2% 10 net 30" qualifying the customer for a 2% discount on invoices paid within 10 days of completion.
7.      Timeframe. When does your project need to be completed? Prices for same-day or next-day emergency power washing services will likely carry a premium.  Best pricing is generally available if completion times are flexible and a company can schedule your job with other jobs nearby.
Power washing prices vary greatly depending on each of these factors.  Many companies find it easier to offer free estimates than trying to develop a pricing structure that encompasses all possible scenarios. Whether researching prices online or getting estimates, be sure to communicate your budget requirements before work begins and make sure you understand what to expect from the final bill.  
ACME Powerwash offers free estimates to our customers in the Greater Phoenix Metro area and most of Central Arizona in lieu of publishing a list of pressure washing prices on our website.  This allows our estimators to accurately determine the best price for each project, giving your project the individual attention it deserves.  Call today for your FREE ESTIMATE -- 602.373.1515.
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