Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Let ACME POWERWASH help you with your post-celebration clean-up. Our pressure washers excel at removing all the fun after-party stains and debris at your restaurant/bar or home after a fun filled night of fiestas! We have been called on to clean up gum, grease, grime, food stains (mostly beer and margaritas) and yes, even vomit. We put state of the art machines and chemicals into the hands of highly-trained technicians to steam-clean and powerwash your concrete, asphalt, pavers, stone, aggregate, etc. to remove all that nasty after-party mess.

About the time your clients or friends are waking up with a hangover, we'll be done and gone, leaving your restaurant/bar or home looking good as new (at least on the outside!)

Call us today for a free estimate on our power washing services. 602-373-1515

Or visit us online at http://www.acmepowerwash.com/ to see more photos of our equipment and technicians in action.

Have Fun! Be Safe! Don't Drink & Drive!


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