Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Strip Old Sealer Off Pavers

Cleaning & Sealing Pavers by ACME POWERWASH
ACME Powerwash has over 15 years experience cleaning concrete, pavers and other surfaces. We have been using industrial pressure washers since 1996 to clean oil, tire marks, grime, food spills and many other stains from residential and commercial driveways, patios, courtyards, pool areas, etc.

One of the most frequent jobs we are hired for is to strip defective, old sealer from paver surfaces. Our years of experience have enabled us to develop a system for adequately stripping off old sealer. First, our technicians chemically treat the pavers with a commercial-grade stripper. Then we use large, industrial surface cleaners with nozzles spinning at 2500 rpms and blasting out steam and hot water up to 300°F and 3500 psi. Another technician follows behind with a pressure washing wand to cut in corners and rinse everything down. The surface is allowed to dry and the process is repeated as necessary until all remaining stripper is gone.

The final step for any paver restoration process is to apply a fresh coat of industrial-grade sealer. The sealer serves multiple purposes including protecting the pavers from spills/stains and bringing new life to pavers by enhancing their color and giving them a "Wet" appearance. This photo is from a recent residential strip & seal project completed at this beautiful home in Troon North in Scottsdale, Arizona. It shows a technician applying a high-solids, wet-look sealer to the cleaned paver surface. This photo demonstrates the dramatic impact that sealing pavers can make to any property.

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William Ethen said...

Thanks very much for the information but before deciding I think the best way to remove a sealer, we need to know what type of sealer you are stripping. obviously not all sealers are alike. Thicker sealers perform better, but they will take longer to remove than thinner sealers.
pavement deterioration


We agree that every situation is different. When we estimate a paver sealing job for a customer we take a hands on approach and even do a test sample in some cases to make sure we are using the right chemicals and processes to clean their pavers effectively.