Friday, October 14, 2011

Pressure Washing Restaurants

Pressure Washing Restaurant Entry by ACME POWERWASH
Some of our most valued customers are local restaurants in the Phoenix area. Pressure washing is great service for valley restaurants because it helps portray a clean, professional image as their patrons approach the store.

I walked into a neighborhood mexican food restaurant once and the entry was disgusting - grime so thick that the concrete was black and the soles of my shoes stuck to it. Regardless of the quality of food or service in the restaurant I found myself wondering the entire time if the kitchen was any cleaner. Needless to say, I have never been back. I will now drive by that restaurant to eat at a competitor's establishment.

Don't let your concrete get that bad. Hire a professional pressure washing company to clean up around your restaurant. The pros use industrial units that use steam and hot water which is much more effective than cold water machines. They may even have chemicals and degreasers to help clean the concrete if necessary.

At this particular restaurant, we cleaned the concrete all the way around the building including two entries, sidewalks, and the garbage area behind the restaurant. The technician pressure washed normal dirt and grime, but also removed melted crayons, gum, and extensive grease deposit by the trash area.

What is on your concrete that is causing your guests to get squeamish before they have even ordered?