Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pressure Washing Prices

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Searching for prices for mobile pressure washing services?  You might have a difficult time finding advertised pricing that will specifically match your project.  Here are seven key points to consider when looking for pressure washing prices online. 

1.      Structure. How does a power washing company charge for their services?  By the hour?  By the square foot?  Or one "lump-sum" fee for the entire job?  Ask three different companies and you might get three different answers.  A company may even use one pricing structure for one type of project and another method for a different project.  Consider requesting a "not to exceed" (NTE) amount to ensure your project stays on budget.
2.      Size matters. You have probably heard the claim "No job too big or too small!".  While that may be true, professional pressure washing companies have overhead and expenses and will likely have a minimum charge to help cover those costs.  On the other hand, larger projects may qualify for a reduced hourly rate. 
3.      Materials. Are there any special materials required to complete the job properly? And if so, are they included in the price or is there an additional charge?  Chemicals, detergents, and special tools may be necessary to complete each individual powerwash job. Some industrial cleaning solutions like rust removers can cost upwards of $50/gallon.
4.      Frequency.  A one-time driveway cleaning service will probably cost you full price.  Many companies may offer discounts for annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly service contracts because the maintained areas are less dirty and therefore easier to clean on an ongoing basis.  
5.      Complexity.  Just exactly how dirty is the project? Is the area easily accessible with access to a convenient water supply? Spraying a little dust off a patio is far less complicated than cleaning 12 inches of bird droppings from a commercial rooftop.  Gum removal is stubborn and time consuming. Some jobs have certain risks or an unpleasantness associated with them that require special skills, tools, or insurance that could result in higher pricing.
6.      Payment Terms. Larger power washing companies may offer discounts for invoices paid within a certain timeframe from job completion. For example, some commercial customers may be able to negotiate payment terms of "2% 10 net 30" qualifying the customer for a 2% discount on invoices paid within 10 days of completion.
7.      Timeframe. When does your project need to be completed? Prices for same-day or next-day emergency power washing services will likely carry a premium.  Best pricing is generally available if completion times are flexible and a company can schedule your job with other jobs nearby.
Power washing prices vary greatly depending on each of these factors.  Many companies find it easier to offer free estimates than trying to develop a pricing structure that encompasses all possible scenarios. Whether researching prices online or getting estimates, be sure to communicate your budget requirements before work begins and make sure you understand what to expect from the final bill.  
ACME Powerwash offers free estimates to our customers in the Greater Phoenix Metro area and most of Central Arizona in lieu of publishing a list of pressure washing prices on our website.  This allows our estimators to accurately determine the best price for each project, giving your project the individual attention it deserves.  Call today for your FREE ESTIMATE -- 602.373.1515.
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