Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Paver Sealing: Recent Projects

We are always busy this time of year "spring cleaning" for our customers. Many people are heading outdoors to enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather and realize their pavers are a little dingy or faded. Our paver cleaning and sealing services are always most popular this time of year. 

We always steam-clean and powerwash paver surfaces with our industrial, hot-water machines (up to 300°F at 3,500 psi).  We also use our rotating surface cleaners to ensure the deepest, most uniformly clean surface possible.  Once free of all dirt and grime, we apply a commercial-grade industrial sealer that protects the surface from stains, spills, etc. Besides making the surface easier to clean and maintain, our sealer enhances the appearance of your hardscape by bringing out the natural colors of each paver.

Check out some of these photos from recent paver cleaning and sealing projects we have completed in the Phoenix area. We have many more photos like these and some more information about these services available at http://www.phoenixpaversealing.com. Interested in a free estimate? Call us today at 602.373.1515!

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Phoenix Smith said...

Great Post and information, being a bug guy i have discovered that power washing pavers can decrease the amount of insects that try to live in between the pavers.